DJ Badass met the records very early in his life when he was only 10 years during school events and concerts.
Four years after his first contact with records, he starts to work with radio station RKM 101.4 in Kutina, giving his contribution to the electronic music scene, which in that time, 1994, was in its beginnings. His show "SupremeFunk FM", became one of the rare links between Kutina's music scene and electronic music, within the period of only few years.
That same show brought him into the RAM club, where he acts as resident DJ once a month, but it provide him with a number of other performance opportunities.

Magic Grooves, Essence, Back to the future 2000, Essential, Euphoria, Futurescope e.g. Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Osijek, Maribor, Rijeka are just some of them.
After all these performances, Stylish in Aquarius was understandable and logical continuation with resident DJ position.

Meanwhile he has become Futurescope resident in OTV Club where he shared decks with Derrick Carter, Mark Farina, David Duriez, Farley Jackmaster Funk, A.T.F.C., Tony Hewitt, Terry Lee Brown Jr., Alison Marks, Dave Mothersole, Get Fucked, Nathan Scott, Nathan Coles, Nills Hess, Gordon Edge, Terry Francis, Robin Porter and others.

After 2 years break from radio, he is back on track with new one, stronger than ever before.
Blacksoul Music FM radio show is broadcasting every monday from 21:00 till 00:00 since September / 2003 but this time on best Croatian electronic radio, Radio Cibona 93.6 & 104.5 MHz with its headquarter in Zagreb.

Badass himself, would be interested to fans of this kind of music even for his producer side. "Ivan Kapec - Mirabile (blacksouls rmx)", "Faithless : Muhammed Ali (blacksoul rmx)", "Phonophunk : The Big Spliff (blacksoul deep dub)", "Elemental: Big City tempo (blacksoul deep mix)" , “Norken - Southern Soul (blacksoul remix)” , Nigel Hayes : Movin On (blacksoul remixes) are just small part of his producers' work .
From this side of his work, few foreign published pieces are expected, known by recognized Badass / Blacksoul style with jazz, house, breaks, deep and funk elements.

Coming into 2004 like founder and owner of a new deep house label Blacksoul Music Tomislav is ready to infect world dance music scene with his unique production.
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