Deep drum and bass_by_Mystique


    Global Logic - The Tank
    Pump (Bearweasel Dub)-Beat Pharmacy
    Tanqueray-Ethyl & Flori
    Will Be Mine (Arto Mwanbe dub version)-Manuel Tur
    Slave-Mr Morning
    Brooklyn New York (Justin Martin remix)-Pezzner
    The Light-Burnski
    The Things I Am (Original Mix)-Gurtz
    Silhouette (Marcel Dettmann R--Delta Funktionen
    Sweet Talker-Kevin Yost & Peter Funk



    Mayhem-Nasty Funk
    Earth Bound-Reggie's Escape
    Force & Paul-Casablanca
    Nonplace Urban Field-Seismic Simmer
    12-10 Series Mk 1-All That Jazz
    Extended Spirit-Solid Water
    Patrick Pulsinger & Erdem Tunakan-P.M.2 SM2
    Hunch-Is This The Place_
    Chaser-Life In Loisaida
    King Kooba-Freakmeister
    Proud Mamas-Otropic t(H)ree


DJ's_electronic producer_I:CUBE

French techno/house producer I:Cube (aka Nicholas Chaix), along with such artists as Air, Motorbass, and Daft Punk, was one of the most hyped underground acts on Paris' resurging dance scene during 1996-97 (with the difference that, instead of the industry, it was those artists doing the hyping). Similar in some respects to his colleagues, I:Cube's near-comprehensive fusion of the range of minimal electronic dance musics -- a molten concoction of funk, soul, electro, trance, Chicago house, and Detroit techno -- first surfaced through the "Disco Cubism" single (on popular Parisian DJ Gilb-R's Versatile label) in 1996. Made all the more amazing by the discovery that it was the work of a teenage schoolboy, the single's popularity was upped considerably by the full-length debut, Picnic Attack, which appeared the following year. Informed by a heavy dose of driving, minimal, trance-oriented techno, the album helped distinguish I:Cube's style from that of his more press-hounded countrymates (and attracted a fair amount of hounding on its own). A surprising and consistently inventive release, the album (along with Daft Punk's Homework and the Sourcelab label compilations) gave considerable weight to the notion that Paris' dance underground is among the least stylistically segregated around, producing innovative, compositionally accomplished music both clear in focus and broad in scope. Adore, an album that pleased the dance floor and couch heads, followed in 2000. Around the album's release he released a collaberation with DJ Gilb-R as Chateau Flight. Sean Cooper, All Music Guide__                                    
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